Pitlochry hydro

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Pitlochry hydro


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Nice visitor centre/ coffee shop /gift shop, didn’t do the tour though worth a visit if you are in the area
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Re: Pitlochry hydro


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It's been many years since I visited but worth seeing.
I like the bit from the "Power from the Glens" exhibition:
"In the 1940s and 1950s, ambitious vision and back-breaking work resulted in massive hydro schemes being built in the Highlands. Following the passage of the Hydro Electric Development (Scotland) Act in 1943, affordable electricity transformed the way people lived and worked.

Lives were lost as world records fell, but within a decade, the Hydro Boys and Tunnel Tigers brought a reliable source of power to three-quarters of Scotland that would transform lives forever. A total of 54 power stations, 78 dams and 300km of tunnels were built during this intensive period of engineering across the Highlands."

Sounds like most were built in less time than it takes some projects to get through planning now! :lol:
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Re: Pitlochry hydro


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Hydro Electric Development (Scotland) Act in 1943
I'm impressed that even half-way through the war they could be thinking that far ahead. Maybe they were afraid it would drag on a decade and they knew they needed more power for munitions manufacturing etc.
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Re: Pitlochry hydro


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Yes there were lots of books on sale from SSE/ Hydro history stand point


I’ve read about this man and his efforts

https://www.pitlochrydam.com/news/2023/ ... evolution/
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