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BBC article, this grabbed my attention.

"I interviewed Prof Kate Crawford from the University of Southern California for the BBC’s Tech Life podcast, and she told me that worrying about the amount of electricity, energy and water required to power AI kept her awake at night.

Dr Sasha Luccioni from the machine-learning firm Hugging Face is also concerned.

“There’s simply not enough renewable energy to power AI right now – most of that bubble is fuelled by oil and gas,” she says."
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Re: AI & RE


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Same issues/concerns regarding the energy consumption required for cryptocurrencies and the mining of them.
Seems like we can't help but keep shooting ourselves in the foot.
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Re: AI & RE


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Maybe the AI will step in and solve the problem by eliminating the competition for the energy and keep it all for the AI's use, I believe Arnold Schwarzenegger did a series of dramatic reconstructions in the 80's 90's and 2000's about just such an event :lol:

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Re: AI & RE


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Saw the second one the other week, and how young the ‘new terminator was looking’ my son watches a series called Scorpion and he was the old FBI agent, looked to be in his 60’s now!
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